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"Live each as if it was your last"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well, I wore shorts to school today, and soon to my dismay I realized that was a wrong move because it was extremely windy at my school due to its hilly location. So, I came home and bundled up but wanted to keep the spring feel alive. I put on this Express Marshall's dress with fuschia flowers to add that sort of sensation. Got the coat for Christmas for only about $5 at Forever 21! Steel or what?!? Love the oversized sequins on my H&M cap as well! Anyways, I am swamped with homework tonight, go figure, so I can't write much.
Thanks to all that view my blog!!!!!!!!!!!
Coat-Forever 21, Dress- Express for Marshalls, Metalic Leggings- Charlotte Russe, Boots- Mom's Closet, Necklace- Handed down to me from my Mom's old dress, Belt- Charlotte Russe???

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  1. You have some serious style:) Amazing bargain on the coat!