"Freckles are gifts from the Sun"

"Live each as if it was your last"

Monday, March 29, 2010

Opposites Atrract...

Well, today the outfit in my photographs is all about the attraction of opposites- a prepster blazer, a vintage brooch, and modern beachy shorts! I'm all about mixing it up with the individual elements, and some how managing to fuse the different trends together! I just bought my acid washed shorts at Kohls this weekend along with a bunch of other pairs of shorts, and this pair was my favorite because of their originality! The blazer is from a consignment shop from when my sister made state times in swimming (Love ya, Sissy!), and the tie in my belt loops came with it. The brooch is from an elderly ladies garage sale and I absolutely love it with the thrifted pearls I wore during my schools 1920's day! I can't wait until summer, or atleast spring- I guess it shoes because I am wearing shorts and its 51 degrees out! Yikes! So I couldn't take that many pictures and I don't really like what came out, but I still love the outfit!

Blue and White Striped Blazer- Consignment Shop, Acid Wash Shorts- Kohls, Gold and Pearl Brooch- Garage Sale, Pearl Strands- Thrifted, Black Weaved Heels- Shoe Dept., Socks- Walmart

Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Ode To Audrey...

Brrrrr! It was extremely cold outside tonight when I took these pictures! It was quick and the camera kept dying and urrrrg! Anyways, we got them and I am fairly pleased with them...I haven't been able to wear this skirt in a while due to how many wrinkles were in it. However, the vivid pink color is so beautiful and refreshing to wear and as always, I absolutely love bows on anything! My cardigan is from H&M and my Grammy bought it for me for Christmas (Love you Gramsi!), and I have worn it unumerable times this winter due to its radical versatility! My tee has a picture of none other than style icon Audrey Hepburn upon it's front. I have wrote about her before in my blog, and now I'm thrilled to show you that she even graces my wardrobe! I also just went thrift store hunting yesterday and got the shoes I'm wearing. I bought a lot, but unfortuantely I could only keep the shoes and the purse I had found and the rest is to be given to me on Easter :'(...
Thanks to everyone that follows and looks at my blog! It's so exciting to know I'm not just acting like a lunatic and writing to myself! Haha!
Black Cardigan- H&M (From my Grammy), Pink Bow Skirt- Wet Seal, Audrey Hepburn Tee, Weaved Black Shoes- Thrifted, Feather Hair Accessory- H&M

New Photos Promised!

Sorry, I haven't gotten to taking any pictures the past few days, but I will post some new ones later today after I read Of Mice and Men...thanks for everyone that is following now! You people make me sooo grateful!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rain, Vintage, and Sequins

Sadly it was raining outside so no outdoor pics today...plus my sister refused to take them so my mom had to and made me hurry up. Anyways, I love this outfit because all of the accessories are vintage, and sequins and sparkles are always a plus for me! I like mixing masculine and feminine so I loved the combination of the bermudas and the sparkles! The pics aren't the best, but you get the idea of the outfit!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why Does The Wind Have To Whip On Wednesday?

Haha well that title is a tongue twister.....anyways I love mixing and matching different pieces to create an innovative new look, so thats just what I did. A preppy blue button-up (stolen from my mom's closet), an edgy faux-leather band jacket, and a chic grey houndstooth-patterned skirt! Not my absolute favorite outfit...but its approved. Crossing my fingers that the sun doesn't ask to play hide and seek again! Can't wait to run outside bare-footed once more!
Faux-Leather Band Jacket- Charlotte Russe, Blue Button-Up- Ann Taylor, Grey Houndstooth-Printed Mini- Forever 21, Black Impo Lace-Up Booties- Thrifted, Metallic Holed Socks, Grey Under Shirt, Black and Blue Polka Dot Belt

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Joined Chictopia!

Hey! So I just created a chictopia account and I am in love with it! It's so inspirational to see all of these people that share the same passion for style. Everyone should have one because all of the girls ( and some guys!) on the site are so warm and encouraging. This is the community for fashion- so I strongly recommend everyone who doesn't have one to join today! Check out my chictopia account here!No pictures today unfortunately, my photographer ( my sissy!) is going to a Daughtry concert...

Monday, March 22, 2010


Everyone should be eccentric-eccentrism is a style of life that creates an intrigueing sort of paradise. We can look at life differtly through being creative and imaginary. Its easier to cope with the barriers of life presented before us if we are individuals who have their own thought process and escape from the common loop of dealing with issues......I'm wearing a very vintage yet modern look. The style of my blue hat is very classic, and the bow on the front of my shirt is a modern twist on the preppy look. I love mixing and matching a variety of prints such as my cheetah and plaid combination here.......So close to be able to wear shorts without tights........summer is just around the corner.....
Plaid Bow-Front Top- Charlotte Russe, Light Blue Wripped Shorts, Brown Sheer Tights- Walmart, Cheetah Print Belt- JCPenny, Beige Undershirt, Light Brown Weaved Shoes- Thrifted, Blue Fedora - Forever 21

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Princess Yearning For A New World...

"A Trapped Princess"
"Making An Escape"
"Discovery of a Free World"

"Looking Out, Remembering How Far The Princess Has Come"

"Breaking Free"
"A Release From Pressure"

"Living Within A Princess' Own Barriers"

"Even A Princess Isn't Perfect"

"Forgotten Territories"

"Happiness Is Our Greatest Virtue"

After I had my sister take all of my photos, I realized that they told a story-one of pressure, unperfection, barriers, and a journey to find true hapiness. My outfit was perfect for the role, a silk lavendar skirt with an overpowering bow in the center that looked Princess worthy. The photos tell a tale about how we are all pressured to be as perfect as possible- and that real prefection comes from being ourselves...
Lavendar Bow Skirt-Forever 21, Plaid Sheer Top- Charotte Russe, Black Weaved Heels, Purple Stocking-Socks, Faux Leather Nine West Purse-Thrifted, Black Jewel Ring- Charlotte Russe

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Every Day is a New Adventure...

Vest-Dress- JCPenny, Men-Stye Over Vest- JCPenny, Lace-Up Booties- Thrifted, Mom's Necklace, and Men's Sunglasses

The breeze wipping your hair- a sign of the ineviable yet desired coming of Spring. The vest-dress made me feel like I was just floating weightlessly through the air. When the pictures came out, I thought instantly that it was as if I was on an adventure of self-discovery; searching in every direction for my personal definition...but I soon realized, I am truley unable to be captured by words!

The Beckoning of Spring...

"Oh the Dreams you can Dream"

Enlargement of Scarf Pattern

Ruffle-Shouldered Striped Cardigan- H&M, Sequin Skirt- Christmas Gift, Belt- Came with a JCPenny Vest, Sequined Converse, Faux-Leather Purse- Thrifted, Gold Scarf- Consignment Shop, Mom's Sunglasses

It was the last day of Winter Yesterday when I took these, and decided to wear my ruffle- shouldered cardigan right now before the scorching heat prevented me from doing so. I played with masculine and feminine elements to create this outfit- converse with a sequined skirt, bold shoulders with a gold scarf. It's the first time I decided to take my pictures outside and didn't realize how beautiful they could turn out with the wind blowing and the illumination of the sun in my face. I thank my sister for putting up with me and having her take these photographs, for I am not the easiest person to deal with at times.....<3