"Freckles are gifts from the Sun"

"Live each as if it was your last"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Loving how the khakis turned out with this. It kinda looks effortlessly chic or something. Not usually into pants but what the heck?!?!?!?!?? I was on vacation with my cousin and I was dying for a leather vest and Voila! My aunt took my literally EVERYWHERE until we found this one and I am extremely thankful! The hat is also from my trip to NYC last year with my drama club. My bff and I got fedoras and walked around like little girls would thinking they look so "cool"! Haha! The purse was only about $5 at Icing! It's always so afordable there and the accessories are radically versatile!

Not much else to say...anyways thanks to everyone as always!


  1. Hey I am trying to post once again. :) I love checking out your blog! Today's outfit is one of my favorite.

  2. Haha thanks Aunt Kari! I love this one particularly too! :)

  3. That vest is great! I'm on the lookout for a faux leather vest :)