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Monday, May 24, 2010

A Polka-Dot Reunion.

Its been a little over a week since my last post! Im very sorry about this! Last week was extremely fun for me, just because the feeling of summer was in the air and I got back to a few summer habits with my friends :)! I was going to take pictures last weekend as well, but I got all ready and my Mum had taken the camera with her when she went to see the Red Sox game unfortunately.

Anyways, this dress is for my Bermuda cruise this summer but I really wanted to blog it! I love polka dots and the strapless design. The hat I thought looked adorable with it and the necklace is vintage. The shoes are from my Gramsy <333.>

Thank you as always for all of your lovely comments and the new followers, everyone here is so kind :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Best Dressed Reader of The Day: Rachel Brown:teenvogue.com

Best Dressed Reader of The Day: Rachel Brown:teenvogue.com

I finally won today, I've entered three times now, and was shocked when I saw that I was today's girl of the day! I nonchalantly clicked the page today just to check out the new winner's style, and took a double-take when I had saw my picture! Got to love Friday's :)

Pictures will probably be up later, my Grandma <3>

Thanks as always for all of the comments and all of those who follow <333333

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted as frequently as I used to, I've had to go to my sister's softball games and do homework, which doesn't leave much time for blogging sadly. I'm pretty loaded with homework tonight, but I managed to squeeze in some time for photos. I love this thrifted vintage bolero! My mom has some older ones from back in her day ;) ! I tried to make it look a bit more young with the oversized white tee and accessories. Overall, I quite like the effect. Lately my looks have been more edgy, no clue as to why, but oh well :). I've been looking at an issue of Glamour magazine and I saw this sweater with holes in it, and fell in love! I've ripped it out and am taking pictures of it tomorrow! Can't wait to show you my latest bit of inspiration. I've also had some of my artwork in the town's art show and got to give tours to elementary level kids. I will have pictures of those peices up soon, hopefully tomorrow, as well.
Thanks for being patient with me and for commenting and following as always :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


"Dreaming of Beaches"

Well, for the title of the post, I felt like Amelia Earheart (second picture), looking all adventurous with my billowy scarf. It was actually pretty chilly out today, so for pictures, I wanted something warmer. In turn, I created this ensemble. I love the layering of my sheer maroon blouse with my roomy thrifted plaid sweater. The shoes are from my mom's friend at work, Mary (Thank you!), who bought them off line! I love the wedge design!!! I had to wear them with socks though, due to the cooler temperatures. Reguardless, I'm pretty happy with the over all look!!!
Going to my friend Andie's house to watch some scary movies now, so I bid you all farwell!
Thanks as always for reading my blog!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well, today I stumbled upon a bag of summery dresses my mom was going to donate, however, I decided to snatch them up and try to youthen the frocks up. The dress I initially chose to wear was extremely long on my short frame (seen in photo 2), so I cliped up the side with a rouched flower pin and gave it this sort of grecian drape effect. I'm in love with reinventing different garments (without sewing, for I'm horendous at it, but plan to take lessons this summer) and accessorizing to change the whole vibe of an outfit. This then , as you can see, was an extremely fun challenge for me! Plan on seeing some more of these dresses tomorrow, or in the near future!
Thanks for reading and commenting! Everyone in the fashion community is so great!
P.S.- Sorry I couldn't get photos up Yesterday, I took some and accidentally deleted them all and by the time I figured out they were gone, I had to do my homework :/....Don't you love evil technology???

Monday, May 3, 2010

Elemental Mixture

Sorry, I haven't gotten to posting in a while, the end of the year school year always swamps you with the most to do.I have m sister's first softball game to go to in a bit, so I seriously need to do my homework. Anyways, this was a quick outfit, a mixture of many elements that cohese into one ensemble. I've always been a fan of a multitude of fabrics and peices, leather, with lace, studs with pinstripes. The style suits me in a way, since I can be a mass of contradictions...I love the giant bow on this shirt! I am an undeniable bow fanatic, probably because I tend to gravitate towards more girly peices.
Thanks as always for reading Margo's District!