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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Love of A Feminine Skirt...

Lately, I've been wearing all of my voluminous skirts from Forever 21. This one, which came with the belt, is so feminine, yet it has an edge because of the black and red plaid print. I'm in love with the lace overlay as well, it adds a layer, which I am always for. The blouse is thrifted and my sister actually wore it as part of her Pirate Halloween costume, but I guess in a way I reinvented it in this ensemble and in my wardrobe. The collar ruffle detail is stunning, and extremely me! (Sorry for the lousy hair today, it's a weekend so I, and my hair, needed a break).
Working on the blog layout right now. It might keep changing around a bit, but I hope you all like it!
Not much to say today, have to work on my poetry project on Maya Angelou, wish me luck :)
Thanks as always for all of the lovely comments!


  1. This is so cute!! I really <3 your blog!


  2. You look amazing. I am definitely more into separates for spring than dresses. I love layering and textures, and you are definitely working that here.