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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, Opening Day, and a Lovely Black and White Dress!

Let me start off by exclaiming Happy Easter To Everyone! It was a great day, for I got to spend time with the people who care about me most, cram my mouth with all the food I could without making myself vomit, and got all of my thrift finds and some clothes my mom picked out for me! I just took photos and it was bordering night time so the pictures are a bit dark...I love this dress though! It's simple, yet chic and purely classic. If anyone watches Project Runway, they will know what I mean when I make the assertion that it looks like a "Mila" design with the black and white color blocking. The turquoise tights gave the dress a splash of much-needed color and added a bit of whimsical youth to the whole look. I am wearing a necklace from Walmart (I live in a small town where the only store that really makes any money is Walmart) that my mom picked out. I really do trust her judgement and her style choices as well. She wants me to put some pictures of one of her outfits up, so I might decide to let her because I love her. I am also wearing a black headband with a big jewel on the side, but the pictures sadly don't capture it.
For all of you out there that watch baseball, Happy Opening Day! Red Sox vs. Yankees tonight, Red Sox down by one as we speak, but I have faith in us to come back! Added some pics of me in a Red Sox hat, haha!
Thanks everyone for reading and commenting and following! You are all amazing!

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