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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Stab at Boho!

I got this blouse for Easter from a thrift store and I love it! The fringe is so unique and makes the whole thing interesting! I think the white sunnies and purse make the whole look a bit more polished and chic instead of looking like I am some random girl trying to be an Indian. I desperately needed sandals so I got this pair and this pair in white at Fashion Bug (there is a small selection of stores around me without driving an hour). The longer necklace is from Payless- surprisingly love their accessories (got the purse their too)!
I have been on break and have to go back to school tomorrow, I am so looking forward to it (sarcasm intended). Time to study for big end of the year tests!!! YAY!!!

Thanks for reading my blog and hope you follow!
Blouse- Thrifted, Black Long-Sleeve Shirt-H&M, Denim Shorts- Kohls, Purse-Payless, Shoes- Fashion Bug, Longer Necklace-Payless, Shorter Necklace- Mom's from Soho Design, Ring- Charlotte Russe, Mom's Sunnies- Clearance from Old Navy

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  1. What an Awesome find on the blouse!! Fringe is so cool:) Love the shades too!