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"Live each as if it was your last"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flying Purple People Eater...

Wow, I wore a ton of purple, but oh well I guess it's the color of my day. It was extremely windy out today, so I piled on the layers! I really like my necklace today, it's from the Goodwill and its gold! I think gold is the best for any jewelery. It's bold and looks more classic and antiquey (Ok, I know that's not a word but you get the point)! The skirt is polka-dotted and so young, perfect for a 14 year old like me! Of course I raided my mom's closet again. Have you ever noticed that someone elses clothes look so much more appealing than your own? That happens to me way to much. I promised myself that for the next few posts the clothes I wear are going to be strictly from my closet. This isn't my favorite outfit looking back at the photos, but I might as well post it.
Quick story! The song from the title of my post is one from my dance recital back when I actually took lessons. I know realize how uncoordinated I am....anyways I also danced to a song called "Clean Your Room Blues" in the next number I did with my class. The cowgirl skirt I wore as my costume was a little loose on me and my mom asked if I should pin it, but of course naive as I am I refuted her suggestion. Well that day will go down as the most embarrassing moment of my life thus far....I went on stage, and my skirt fell down!
Thanks to everyone following and commenting on my blog and on my chictopia! :)


  1. purple is super on you!!

    Happy Friday! I hope you had a lovely Earth Day # 40 yesterday! Have a great weekend!

  2. the skirt is so beautiful on you!

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