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Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Boundaries, No Precise Definition

Fashion holds no visible boundaries- All of those who take interest into this art know that. Models of a Taliban city named Peshawar, a city that has been overpowered by bomb and suicide attacks, defyed Pakistan Society in a runway show. The clothes however, weren't your typical street style looks of Peshawar, where skin is almost completely unexposed to passerbyers. These women, and even men, glided down the runway at Deans shopping plaza in snipped and snapped gauze and silks to reveal areas such as the shoulders and stomachs that your average Pakistanian women wouldn't put a thought to not concealing. The show was said to be organized for recreational purposes- to releive the pressure and anxiety of those who's lives have been affected as a result of the surplus of attacks and who therefore have reached their apprehension threshold.

This is a real life illustration that Fashion isn't just sporting ensembles for confidence or glamour- Fashion provides us with comfort, relaxation, and a way to escape the problems that consume us in our day to day life. What we wear can be whimsy and just plain old fun! We have no boundaries.

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