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"Live each as if it was your last"

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh Yellow, my Yellow!

This dress is so vibrant! The day was all dull and melancholy that I spent the day wearing pajamas, and I currently am still wearing pajamas. I know, I'm a lazy bum. I put this on for photos and love the mixture of the different elements! I think it makes it a bit more urban- with my own classic spin on things! I got the scarf when I went to NYC last year from a vendor. Me and my friends went with our drama club and had a blast! It never gets old riding the ferris wheel in Toys 'R Us!
Thanks everyone who follow me! I am truley grateful!
Dress- Unique Spectrum at TJ Max, Scarf- NYC Vendor, Vest- Worthington for JCPenny, Belt-Thrifted, Purse- Thrifted from Nine West, Brown Socks, Booties- Thrifted from Impo

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