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Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Designs.......

Well, I haven't designed in a while, but the other night I decided to. For some reason, I have been really into tan lately. The first dress was designed on the basis of simplicity. In my head, the initial design was of a short dress, but I decided that the gown would look really elegant if it were floor-length. I ended up loving the outcome- I usually overly embelish my designs, so this modern take on classic simplicity really looked quite stunning to me. The second look is my casual take on efortless layering and a bit of subtle masculinity. I usually don't incorporate denim, but decided to design around a new textile for once. The plaid undershirt is just perfect to me because I am in love with any type of plaid! It's oversized and my new found love for tans in my designs mixed well.

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