"Freckles are gifts from the Sun"

"Live each as if it was your last"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Statement Necklace......

Statement necklaces are real eye catchers and can make any outfit original. Go glam, edgy, or girly because they come in all different styles to accomodate every girl. The first two are from Forever 21, yah I just thought I'd give some examples to be able to buy yourself. The other three are some that I have gotten recently. The first one is from Charlotte Russe for like only $10. The second one I got from a little store that my mom's friend owns. She brings accessories and some select clothing down from NYC to some of us small town people.I wear that necklace constantly and it goes with so much. The last one was from New York and Company and was around $30. It's so refreshing amidst the sea of black and neutral colors!

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