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Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Ode To Audrey...

Brrrrr! It was extremely cold outside tonight when I took these pictures! It was quick and the camera kept dying and urrrrg! Anyways, we got them and I am fairly pleased with them...I haven't been able to wear this skirt in a while due to how many wrinkles were in it. However, the vivid pink color is so beautiful and refreshing to wear and as always, I absolutely love bows on anything! My cardigan is from H&M and my Grammy bought it for me for Christmas (Love you Gramsi!), and I have worn it unumerable times this winter due to its radical versatility! My tee has a picture of none other than style icon Audrey Hepburn upon it's front. I have wrote about her before in my blog, and now I'm thrilled to show you that she even graces my wardrobe! I also just went thrift store hunting yesterday and got the shoes I'm wearing. I bought a lot, but unfortuantely I could only keep the shoes and the purse I had found and the rest is to be given to me on Easter :'(...
Thanks to everyone that follows and looks at my blog! It's so exciting to know I'm not just acting like a lunatic and writing to myself! Haha!
Black Cardigan- H&M (From my Grammy), Pink Bow Skirt- Wet Seal, Audrey Hepburn Tee, Weaved Black Shoes- Thrifted, Feather Hair Accessory- H&M

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