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"Live each as if it was your last"

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Princess Yearning For A New World...

"A Trapped Princess"
"Making An Escape"
"Discovery of a Free World"

"Looking Out, Remembering How Far The Princess Has Come"

"Breaking Free"
"A Release From Pressure"

"Living Within A Princess' Own Barriers"

"Even A Princess Isn't Perfect"

"Forgotten Territories"

"Happiness Is Our Greatest Virtue"

After I had my sister take all of my photos, I realized that they told a story-one of pressure, unperfection, barriers, and a journey to find true hapiness. My outfit was perfect for the role, a silk lavendar skirt with an overpowering bow in the center that looked Princess worthy. The photos tell a tale about how we are all pressured to be as perfect as possible- and that real prefection comes from being ourselves...
Lavendar Bow Skirt-Forever 21, Plaid Sheer Top- Charotte Russe, Black Weaved Heels, Purple Stocking-Socks, Faux Leather Nine West Purse-Thrifted, Black Jewel Ring- Charlotte Russe

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