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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Destination 21 Collection for Springbreak!

Ok, well with Spring Break looming on the horizon, everyone's itching for a credible chance for a wardrobe upgrade. With this new collection available at Forever 21, we are all able to do just that. The collection is divided into 4 seperate, distinct groups of garments based on plans for Spring Break: Beach Bound, Jet Setting, Concerts and Night Life, and Outdoor Adventures. I found my favorite pieces in both the Jet Setting, a combination of comfort and ease with a vibrant and printed array of accessories and skirts, and Concerts and Night Life, a variety of studded and lustrous bags, necklaces, and anything mini! The first four pictures above are available in my personal favorite division, Jet Setting, and the other four are from Concerts and Night Life. The turbans such as the one above found in the Concerts and Night Life collection are extremely intriguing to me- the kind of intriguing when you first look at something and you are like "Ummm, who would seriously wear that?!?," and then you are contemplating through even the greatest of respect and admiration if you actually would consider throwing that on top of your hair. I'm yet to make up my mind, but think that if you can pull it off, it's a bold must!

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