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Monday, May 24, 2010

A Polka-Dot Reunion.

Its been a little over a week since my last post! Im very sorry about this! Last week was extremely fun for me, just because the feeling of summer was in the air and I got back to a few summer habits with my friends :)! I was going to take pictures last weekend as well, but I got all ready and my Mum had taken the camera with her when she went to see the Red Sox game unfortunately.

Anyways, this dress is for my Bermuda cruise this summer but I really wanted to blog it! I love polka dots and the strapless design. The hat I thought looked adorable with it and the necklace is vintage. The shoes are from my Gramsy <333.>

Thank you as always for all of your lovely comments and the new followers, everyone here is so kind :)


  1. love the dress!


  2. Cute dress :)

    Your hat is amazing!

  3. Don't feel bad, Ive been the same way. Its so hard to take pictures when your simply enjoying the summer sun. I simply forget about it. Love your dress - polka dots are fun!! Following you now :)


  4. i love the pointy sweetheart cut of the neckline! i just recently posted a look with polka dots as well :]


  5. POLKA-DOTS! :) I like.