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"Live each as if it was your last"

Friday, May 7, 2010


"Dreaming of Beaches"

Well, for the title of the post, I felt like Amelia Earheart (second picture), looking all adventurous with my billowy scarf. It was actually pretty chilly out today, so for pictures, I wanted something warmer. In turn, I created this ensemble. I love the layering of my sheer maroon blouse with my roomy thrifted plaid sweater. The shoes are from my mom's friend at work, Mary (Thank you!), who bought them off line! I love the wedge design!!! I had to wear them with socks though, due to the cooler temperatures. Reguardless, I'm pretty happy with the over all look!!!
Going to my friend Andie's house to watch some scary movies now, so I bid you all farwell!
Thanks as always for reading my blog!

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  1. you look so adorable!! i just saw your Chictopia blog, and then I followed it to here. your cat scully is so cute :)