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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well, today I stumbled upon a bag of summery dresses my mom was going to donate, however, I decided to snatch them up and try to youthen the frocks up. The dress I initially chose to wear was extremely long on my short frame (seen in photo 2), so I cliped up the side with a rouched flower pin and gave it this sort of grecian drape effect. I'm in love with reinventing different garments (without sewing, for I'm horendous at it, but plan to take lessons this summer) and accessorizing to change the whole vibe of an outfit. This then , as you can see, was an extremely fun challenge for me! Plan on seeing some more of these dresses tomorrow, or in the near future!
Thanks for reading and commenting! Everyone in the fashion community is so great!
P.S.- Sorry I couldn't get photos up Yesterday, I took some and accidentally deleted them all and by the time I figured out they were gone, I had to do my homework :/....Don't you love evil technology???

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